Monday, May 5, 2008

Mellow like a cello

As there is a constant undercurrent of happiness lately, I am finding it difficult to focus on happiness and write anything substantive. With regard to happiness that is. Hopefully my writing elsewhere remains substantive!

Simple pleasures fill the space.

Laughing with friends on the phone, around the kitchen table or while walking when a thought makes me smile is a key ingredient of happiness, a byproduct of happiness, or both.

Savoring a cup of coffee (just the one as opposed to several!) in the filtered light of a coffee shop is a rediscovered pleasure. I am working on reducing my caffeine intake as much as possible. Just two weeks ago I would have anywhere from 4 to 7 caffeinated hot drinks a day (coffee or tea). Now, I am down to two hot beverages a day. I must say that last week was not easy. A few afternoons I had terrible headaches. One day in particular I was rather cranky and moody (I was also in the world’s largest mall that day; that could have been a contributing factor). The real joy comes with fully enjoying my one cup of coffee sitting quietly thinking of the possibilities of the new day rather than gulping my one cup down as I sort myself out to face the day. The intention accompanying the consumption makes the difference.

Finally, an envelope with two CDs was in the post this weekend (Thanks SMV!). One was Nina Simone with the track “Sinnerman” (oh so good!) and the other was Alice Smith. I cannot recommend Alice Smith highly enough. If you like beats and melodies that are organic and fluid, and lyrics that invoke smiles of recognition, this CD (titled “For Dreamers, Lovers & Me) is a must-have.

Oh, no more blogging on Thursdays for me, however sweet of a nod to Steinbeck I think it is…This will be more catch-as-catch-can but hopefully once a week.

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